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I offer consultation to licensed clinicians who want to explore client issues in the context of present moment experience. Drawing on my background in mindfulness and training in somatic approaches to psychotherapy (see About Me and My Approach for more information), I guide clinicians to connect with their felt sense as we consult, bringing a deeper understanding of the client's experience of being in the world as well as an awareness of how the clinician is holding the client. From this exploration, clarity can emerge, providing insights and direction for how to work with the presenting issues.

I enjoy consulting and have participated in both individual and group consultation throughout my career as a therapist. I am a Washington state approved supervisor, and I have two years of experience providing clinical supervision to counseling students at Antioch University.

My fee for a 55-minute consultation session is $135.00, and I consult exclusively around counseling and therapy with individual adults. For more information, or to schedule a consultation session, please contact me at (206)748-9640 or


Anne Ihnen, MA, LMHC  Psychotherapy and Consultation

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